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Dinesh Sastry is a former Trustee of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Trustee of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). Dinesh was Chair of the High Tech Council of the DSCC and was a member of the Leadership 2000 Board for the DNC.

Dinesh has raised Double Figure Millions of Dollars for Democratic causes in past years including the DNC, the DSCC, President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Gov. Jerry Brown, Senate majority leader Tom Daschle, Senator Joe Biden, Senator Max Baucus, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, Senator John Edwards, Senator John Kerry, Senator Harry Reid, and others.

Dinesh was one of the top five national fundraisers for the DNC and AL Gore in 2000 election cycle and hosted successful events of $50K per person and $100K per person with President Clinton and Vice President Gore as guests. Dinesh specialized in fundraising from the Silicon Valley and the national Indian-American community.

Dinesh has raised the initial private equity capital for Blackstreet Capital (formerly Milestone Capital Partners) in Washington, DC.  This firm was associated with leading Republicans Gov. Haley Barbour and Ed Rogers and founders of the Carlyle Group as well as confidantes of President George W. Bush.  Dinesh has been involved with startup and mature ventures in Silicon Valley, CA, India, and other places. Dinesh has advised a Mid-East based international investment fund. Dinesh raised a majority of the $30 Million Series B round for Ample Communications a major chip design hardware company.

Dinesh is a Member of the Advisory Board of Iron Pillar India Technology VC Fund.

Dinesh also briefly worked at a firm owned by Frank Luntz, famous Republican strategist, and Jennifer Laszlo, well known Democratic advocate and publicist. Dinesh learned about message discipline, code words, and represented a Religious Freedom Commission while at the firm.

Dinesh devised the strategy plan and executed high level meetings with government officials and military leaders to make the first major US Defense Industry sale to India by helping Thalles Raytheon sell "Firefinder Night Radar" to the Indian Army to be deployed on the Kashmir border. Dinesh did this on behalf of subcontractor Apex Technology And the deal size was $200 Million. This radar system has prevented accidental border wars between India and Pakistan.

Dinesh has launched a dozen Indian channels on the Dish Network Satellite platform in the USA.  Dinesh has also launched IPTV services and channels with DishWorld IPTV, now Sling TV.

Dinesh has relationships with many of the top CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies including many of the High Tech name brand companies in Silicon Valley, California. Dinesh is involved with green technology and data analytics and CRM software companies. He is also involved in up and coming sports, fitness, and wellness ventures in India and USA.

Dinesh has been a political consultant in India for leading politicians including Prime Minister P. V, Narasimha Rao, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and Deputy Prime Minister L. K. Advani.  Dinesh encouraged and advised in Indo-US relations during the Clinton and Bush Administrations. In 1998, in the aftermath of nuclear testing by India and Pakistan and subsequent sanctions, Dinesh set up a back channel exchange of communications between the Vajpayee government and the Clinton administration. This back channel eventually allowed Strobe Talbott and Jaswant Singh to negotiate a detente, normalization of relations, and removal of sanctions on India through official channels.

Dinesh is known as the person who asked President Bill Clinton to become the first US President to acknowledge the South Asian festival of Diwali.  Diwali has since become an official White House event.

Dinesh has also had extensive consultations with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi government in India and the President Obama administration in the USA. Dinesh also informally advises Gov. Jerry Brown of California, USA and Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu of Andhra Pradesh, India among others and has stayed in touch with the Trump administration. Dinesh in past was also an adviser to late CM YS Rajashekara Reddy.

in recent years Dinesh has advised the Trump White House on policy in North Korea, Iran, China, India, Pakistan, Russia and other potential nuclear hotspots.

Dinesh has worked on U. S. Presidential, Gubernatorial, and Congressional campaigns.  As an advisor to Gov. Jerry Brown’s 1992 Presidential Campaign, Dinesh travelled over most of the USA and negotiated the debate arrangements for Gov. Jerry Brown in Chicago while David Axelrod negotiated on behalf of Gov. Bill Clinton.  Dinesh negotiated debates with David Axelrod and Dick Simpson of Chicago.

Dinesh earned a B. S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from U. C. Berkeley and Juris Doctor  from Georgetown University Law Center. Dinesh was on the “A” list for Schedule C appointments in the Clinton-Gore administration. Dinesh was elected delegate to California Democratic Party, San Mateo Country Democratic Central Committee, and the DNC convention. Dinesh worked as a software and electrical engineer for National Semiconductor, a multi-billion dollar offshoot of Fairchild Semiconductor, Silicon Valley's first company. At National, Dinesh designed a software product named Mosp that took IBM Mainframe CMS data output and converted that into an input for UC Berkeley "Spice" Chip Design Software.

Dinesh has raised money for and donated to many charitable, spiritual, religious, and cultural non-profit causes and has been aligned with or a member of such organizations.

Dinesh is an avid college and professional sports fan and played Varsity basketball in high school.